Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Xs, Os, and Ws: Inspirational Stories From Successful Basketball Coaches

Wow, talk about God working in crazy ways. First I was coaching, second, through LinkedIn I meet Nataniel Brown and now I'm in a book! I first want to thank Mr. Brown for kindly including my words and thoughts. Second, I really appreciate that he focused the book so much on character and the true coaching that basketball coaches have the chance to do: mentoring, guiding, teaching and loving their players in a way that will have a lifelong impact. As much as I love basketball and sports in general, I know that the real benefit from sports and coaching is the chance to help build and test character. To be honest, I'm not always good at that. I let my anger and hyper competitiveness get the best of me and at that time I'm really in need of forgiveness and a lot of grace.

I had a laugh (in a humble sort of way) that the back cover says "The greatest collection of coaches ever in one book!" Of course anything with Pat Summit, Lute Olson, Michael Cooper, Ben Howland, Terry Porter, Morgan Wooten and Anne Donovan has to be considered a great collection. I guess it's hard for me to see yours truly in that list.
In reading the book, what I see is the passion, struggles and heart that each coach has. What was universal for all of them is the need to redefine success. I think that wins and losses are important but also secondary to the life lessons that we model and teach. It was very encouraging to see that other coaches have that same passion.
In some ways this is an advertisement for the book. I will admit to that. I would also say I don't fully know all aspects of Mr. Brown's business/ministry. I do think his heart is in the right place. So here's my message: check out his website. Buy the book. At minimum you can read what I said and hold me accountable when I fail and perhaps you can read a little more of what another man thought of my words.

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  1. Thank you so much for that! And thank you for participating in the project. Much success to you in all your future endeavors and I look forward to joining you in ministry on some of them. God bless you!