Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is This A Good Solution?

I was attracted to this article and to be honest I was filled with mixed emotions. When one confronts the difficult issue of poverty there truly is no perfect solution. I feel like if done right (and isn't that a nebulous qualification) this could be a possible way to help get someone  a level of help. If it turns into some form of exploitation, this would be yet another failed idea. When is helping become exploitation? I see God measuring our heart.
When I owned a KOA Campground, my wife and I had many opportunities to help those in difficult circumstances. We provided housing, food, and jobs. Almost every time, things went south. The problem seemed to be those we helped could not keep to the simple rules we asked. Overall, my spotty record of helping others out is peppered with some good (Compassion Child, helping in a soup kitchen, working with my college friends helping build a school in the Western Highlands of Guatemala) and mostly self indulgence.
I think the big issue is that for most of us we sit back and criticize while not getting out and trying to find solutions. I was highly impressed with Jon Bon Jovi and his Soul Kitchen. There's a guy who seems to have it right. Dignity, boundaries, all wrapped up in the misunderstood and politically incorrect term of charity. Charity is a truly blessed act of grace. Sadly, we have equated it to something condescending.
I also face the fact that God desires that our hearts are moved and we follow where He leads. Feeding one will definitely make a difference but introducing someone to the Savior is the most important thing.
Finally, check out this article from my college friend and USF Professor Bruce Wydick. It's a great starting point!

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