Friday, December 12, 2014

Helmets And Safety (Keeping Your Wits)

Life is a set of risk and rewards. We can break all that we do down to in essence a series of choices. Life also one that we live out from the consequences of those choices. I also choose to live a life that involves risk. Now mind you, I'm far from reckless but also need to know that inside of me, God has placed something adventurous and fierce. For me, that involves riding a sport motorcycle. That also garners me a constant question about the safety of that choice. My choice is based on a few calculated assumptions: I work to keep improving my skill as a rider increasing my safety margin, riding within my skill level and wearing proper safety gear. With that in mind, here's an article about helmet. For what it's worth I will always be wearing a full face helmet.

The Effectiveness of Motorcycle Helmets

Riding a motorbike without motorcycles helmets might give you the feeling of being a hunk. However, you must understand that it is an essential part of your journey, as it can effectively keep your skull safe from minor as well as major accidents. You might be a very good biker; but you may not always be safe from crashes or falls during your journey. Therefore, wearing a helmet is necessary for every rider. Read on to note down the effectiveness of the motorcycles helmets:
·       Face and Skull Safety: Helmets protect the most important part of your body - the head. An injury to it can be fatal. If your body is injured during an impact, the bruises or scars may be less severe than a head injury. Properly certified helmets purchased from a good company, reduce the amount of dynamic energy transmitted to your brain during an impact. This is because the force of the strike is spread all across the rigid shell of the helmet. The inner lining of the helmet absorbs the rest of the force, which could have damaged your head. In addition, helmets also protect your face, ear, and neck largely.
·       Comfort Wear: Good quality motorcycles helmets help reduce the optimal effect of an impact. A layer of foam made of extended polyurethane, polystyrene, and/or polypropylene, forms a cushion inside. These foam pads provide comfort and ensure that the helmet has a snug fit when you wear it.
·       Dust and Smog Protection: While you ride on highways, wear a helmet, as that will protect you from smoke, dust, and strong wind blowing against your motion. It also protects your eyes from various other objects and provides you a clear vision. This in turn helps keep you safe from the accidents that are common on highways for the riders riding without motorcycles helmets.

·       Low Stress: Helmets help a rider reduce fatigue while riding because they improve aerodynamics. Your neck gets extra protection and you don’t feel tired while you ride the bike.
·       Better Hearing: When you ride wearing a helmet, the ability to hear the road and wind noise is improved. In addition, you will be able to listen to other noises far better than the chaos you hear when not wearing it.
Regulation: Wearing motorcycles helmets when riding is mandatory in many countries. Though legally imposed, the logic of compulsorily wearing motorcycles helmets boils down to your safety.

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