Saturday, October 4, 2014

Product Review: Viking Cycle Ironside Jacket

The white is actually the reflective piping on the jacket.

I want to thank the good folks (especially David Jackson) at Viking Cycle ( for giving me the chance to review one of their products: The Ironside Motorcycle Jacket. It is a mesh/textile jacket and can be had for the incredible price of $69.95. Compared to most other jackets, that is at least half the price. For the most part, their product line is geared towards the cruiser style/market but their textile jackets have a bit of racing look so this one caught my eye as something to investigate. A few things to keep in mind as I review: I ride a middleweight sport bike (Kawasaki Ninja 650R). I'm about 5'8" and weight about 165 pounds. I prefer looser fitting gear (for movement) and tend to sweat a lot so staying cool is huge for me.

First Impressions:
This is a sharp looking jacket that would be considered sporty for a cruiser rider but a bit subdued by sport bike standards. I think for any type of rider, this look would work. It is a mesh jacket so air flow is going to be very good on it. There is no need for vents on the jacket. One interesting thing is that the liner is quilted so my feeling is that it will be a very versatile jacket being able to be used in hot down to cool temperatures. One thing I liked was that this was a lightweight jacket but didn't feel either flimsy or unsafe. Living in a humid climate, summer riding can take its toll on you physically so anything that makes riding time more comfortable is appreciated. Finally, the biggest feature is the price. I can't state this too often: the price point for this jacket is almost unheard of.
I had two friends check the jacket out and they concurred with the above comments. We all agreed this is a nice looking basic featured jacket.

Without the quilted liner, it was very comfortable. Roomy in the right places and had a lot of venting for warm to hot days. With the liner in, the shoulders and sleeves were a bit tight. This is to be expected with the quilted liner so it was more of a minor annoyance. The cuffs of the jacket are very tight and required some getting used to in terms of getting in and out of the jacket. This is because of the insulated cuffs that are sewn into the jacket. Also, it doens't have a zippered cuff which I tend to prefer. On the plus side, most of the gathers are velcro and a few are snaps. I personally like the velcro as they are more adjustable and they are easier to use with gloves on. A huge plus is the felt like material on the collar which makes it very comfortable. I also like that it is a lightweight jacket which will be very nice in the hot months.