Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Never Too Late

Dear Samantha,
After these few month as serving as your "stand in" dad, I want to write to you so that you will know just how much I have enjoyed our brief conversations during the week. You are truly a delight and a very special young woman. You are an amazing blessing to your children and husband. I know that Chip feels that he is the luckiest guy in the world that you married him. I remember many times how he would go on and on about how beautiful you are - and he's so right about that! Those who get to know you are truly better for meeting you.
I very much look forward to talking with you; hearing how your week is going, what the kids are doing and even hearing your dreams. Those are so very special to me. For those short moments, I hope that you can feel an earthly father's love. Because you are a delight to get to know. You radiate a giving, wonderful air that brings life to people. I also want you to know that you are beautiful young woman. Even greater is your inner beauty. Beyond that, you have a servant's heart and a deep strong character that would be the pride of any father. I know that I am proud of you.
I have mentioned to you that even as a young girl I would have happily have taken you in to my home as my own daughter if I was given the opportunity. You are that special. I feel that God has given me this special gift now; for even a short time during the week, I get a chance to be in the role as your dad. I feel it is a great honor that you have allowed me those moments.
I want you to know just how much I wish you had better parents growing up. I feel that you truly were robbed of your childhood. The emotional turmoil, manipulation, and confusion that reigned in your home is something that you truly did not deserve. The amazing thing to me is how well you have turned out in spite of this. You are a survivor and this is a testament to your character. If that wasn't enough, you as a mother have broken the abuse cycle that could have easily invaded your family. You are creating a new Godly legacy.
Most importantly, I want you to know that your Heavenly Father truly loves you. I know that the example you received from your father has distorted what you might see as God the Father. But this is truly how He sees you. You are his beautiful and cherished princess. When you enter His throne room, you are not a sinful slave who receives His wrath. On the contrary, you are His delight. He desires for you to boldly enter into His presence run up to Him and embrace Him.
As I hope you can see, with God it's never too late to heal; never too late to be a beloved daughter; and never too late to be loved. God has an amazing way of taking the broken and making something wonderful and beautiful. I know that I see that in you. Looking forward to our next time to talk.

Naka (your stand in dad)

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